Joining NBWE - Terms & Conditions


  • To join NBWE, you must either reside or conduct your business within 5kms of the Northern Region of Sydney as marked on Google Maps CLICK HERE.
  • Out-of-area businesses may join if they offer goods and services that are under-supplied in this area.
  • Exhibiting at expos is optional, and many members join to access our web and Facebook traffic.
  • Membership is based on a rolling 12 month subscription. invitation to renew will be sent 1 month prior to membership expiry.
  • Expos are hosted by venues whom are members of NBWE.
  • NBWE reserves the sole right to approve new memberships, continuing memberships and membership renewals.
  • NBWE will decide the number of members allowed in each service category on the website and at expos.



  • Annual membership fee is Based on advertising package selected .
  • Your membership is valid for 12 months from the date payment has been received and online listing activated.
  • Ongoing renewal of membership will be as per your selected package unless you advise to change package type.
  • An expo advertising fee of $325 is paid for each expo that you attend. Excluding suppliers who are on The Ultimate Package” with 1 showcase included
  • Once paid, Membership Fees, Renewal Fees and Registration Fees are not refundable.