Northern Beaches Weddings and Events (NBWE) is the place couples start when planning or considering a wedding on the picturesque Northern Beaches of Sydney.

The NBWE website features local and popular Northern Beaches wedding suppliers, including venues, photographers, bridal wear and accessories, entertainment and more… It also shares tips for planning a Northern Beaches wedding and real wedding features to inspire.

NBWE also specialise in hosting unique local wedding events that showcase NBWE members and the Northern Beaches as a wedding destination. All events are free to attend and are a great day out for couples and bridal parties. Join below or view our advertising guide here.





"Since Elizabeth took over the NBWE brand, it has gone from strength to the strength and so has the relationship I have built with Liz and the brand. I am not a member of any other paid group networking or advertising platform besides NBWE, which truly dedicates it’s time and effort not only for couples who are looking for vendors but the vendors themselves. Being part of the group has allowed me to communicate and collaborate with some of the best the Northern Beaches has to offer.

Offering the opportunity to showcase my business at some of the Northern Beaches most beautiful and elite venues has given my business the opportunity to expand and build some great relationships.

Being part of something smaller has made a bigger difference. We are not competing with potentially 20-30+ other businesses at over crowded by the mass wedding expo’s, instead we are given the opportunity to showcase our business and products to a more intimate group of clients who are genuinely there to meet vendors and make a booking."
Melissa Lalor
Creative Director, Lamel

Leverage our strategic pre-event marketing activities in partnership with local wedding venues to target audiences.

Showcase the very best of what you do best. We pride ourselves on our collaborative, fresh and flexible approach.

Events not to be missed to build relationships with other vendors and potential customers for future leads.

Well-planned event, attendee pre-registration and promotions to ensure you meet as many pre-qualified wedding planners as possible.