Ways to WOW your guests with food at catered events

Are you and your better half are big foodies? We sure are! If you are planning your wedding at a fully catered venue or going DIY style where the world is your oyster (or poultry if seafood is not your thing), selecting the right catering and dining options for you and your guests will be an important decision!

For some the thought of planning your own catering on top of all the other wedding planning can cause a mild headache, but for many – the opportunity to wow your guests and create a menu that will have everyone talking for years after is too hard to resist – just like that second helping of dessert.

To help you out a little bit, we have explored the different options available from our Northern Beaches Weddings & Events caterers. From Brazilian BBQ Catering satisfying all our meat lovers, to the Raclette Shack adding that extra level of cheese to your big day, you may be surprised at how simple it can be to put together!

Our local food connoisseur Jennifer Sargent from Zing Fresh Catering, is not just a chef and caterer – she is an artist, turning simple and fresh choices into something magical and mouth watering. Below we hear from the gorgeous Jen on how a caterer can turn your wedding menu from the normal to the unexpected. Then, why not top it off with a glass of Prosecco served from a classical Beaches Kombi  thanks to VBUB.

Wow Weddings by Zing Fresh

With Zing Fresh; the world is your lobster! Menus are totally flexible and wide open to blending your cravings with the creative kudos of Zing. Creativity means flexibility so I’m well suited and hell bent on enhancing your vision to make it the ultimate day of days!

The best part of this is that it need not come with the lobster price tag. It’s more about me, as your caterer being able to afford the flexibility than you being able to afford the wow that will happen. 

From irresistible menus, sure – I’ll guide your decisions and  steer your selections; but long gone are the days where you’re being told what you’ll be eating and how. That’s why DIY venues and personally designed catering have a great edge.

Zing, my fresh food baby, has an upside down letter in it because it’s all about you not I (as can be the experience with rigidity in set menus and established venue styles). We will leave no stone unturned and will stand on our heads to make your day the best it’s ever tasted. Heck, we can even serve you sweets first if that will rock your white frock.

Zing’s letter i is also reflective of how Zing does things differently. No two venues, events or individuals are the same so you will only get utterly personal planning with professional catering to detail; making your day exceptionally different and your dream come deliciously true.

Not only are exceptions our edge over prescriptive ideas and limited menus but our food itself is also thoughtful. Since most menu ingredients if not organic, are at least non-processed, house made and super fresh; I effortlessly accommodate food intolerances with little tweaking. I do an excellent job of not leaving any ‘special consideration guests’ feeling either problematic or neglected. They actually leave feeling more like royalty than a thorn or an afterthought. Delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten, nut and dairy free alternatives are sensational, seamlessly and even spontaneously catered.

Menu design caters to cultural customs as well as it does individual preference. Produce from Zing is locally sourced but globally inspired. This allows for the celebration of heritage or party theming. Loving adventure, Zing invites tasteful travel & can’t wait to take you places with innovative fusion; blending contemporary corners of Asia, Hawaii, any of the Americas, India, Morocco, Mexico….anywhere your taste buds & guests would like to go! After your menu, you may not even need to go on a honeymoon!

Be your own guest and impress with Zing Fresh and DIY catering in many ways. We aren’t married to the rigidity of catering events with the same menus & repeat formats as many establishments are. Again, you have freedom to choose a celebratory character in a style that matches your dress. Or your socks for that matter! Will it be boogie central or Tudor & tuxedos?

Want to peruse through a selection of Jen’s stylish and delectable catering options to WOW your wedding guests with? See Zing Fresh Catering’s page and download her menus. Or scroll down below to find out more on all our caterers and extra wedding fun options!