How to plan a Northern Beaches wedding

The Northern Beaches is a magnet for young couples getting married. Surf, sun and sand, are in plentiful supply and this creates a climate of relaxation. While planning a wedding is always serious business, the key words on every couples’ lips when planning here are “relaxed”, “good value” and “individual”.

So how to plan one of the biggest days of your life in a way that balances the need for careful attention to detail with the desire for a relaxed, individual and stylish occasion? Follow our tips below to not only get some helpful advice to guide you through the planning process, but it may also help you avoid some of the pitfalls in the process.

1. The Date & Type of Ceremony

Decide on a date at least a year ahead and choose your style of ceremony. Break this time rule by much, and you will sacrifice a lot of relaxation early in the planning.

Saturdays and Sundays in a church remain traditional, but weekday weddings and outdoor ceremonies have never been more popular. If a wedding under the heavens is your choice, you must have a fall-back plan in case those heavens open up. And remember to book the outdoor site with your local Council to make sure of your right to exclusive use of the location.

As part of your planning of the actual day, remember to check the sunset times and the daylight saving season in NSW.

2. The Reception Venue

Choose a reception venue that reflects your sense of style and meets your budget. You quickly know whether a venue offers only a “one-size-fits-all” reception or whether there is a genuine desire to meet your needs.

The 3-course-sit-down is still traditional, but more and more we are seeing the relaxed buffet or finger-food reception. Fortunately, no matter what your tastes, Northern Beaches venues have a great reputation right across Sydney. This region attracts hundreds of out-of-area couples every year because of the incredible choice of high-quality venues with ocean breezes, and great value for money.

3. Visit a Local Wedding Showcase

The wedding date, ceremony and reception venues are the cornerstones of your planning. Once these are set, you can begin to shop around for the other key services that will make up your support team.

One of the most relaxed ways of meeting and choosing service providers is at a local wedding expo. Unlike some of the big out-of-area commercial expos, local expos enable you to meet local suppliers in a friendly and un-pressured atmosphere.

At the NBWE Showcases in particular, you will find good value suppliers and build strong relationships in everything from celebrants, to photographers, cakes, flowers, dresses & menswear, hair & makeup, stationery, bonbonierie, room decoration, cars, fashion accessories, bridal showers, and much much more.

We can’t wait to bring back our showcases in late 2021, in the meantime , surf the NBWE website…. it will save you heaps of time.

4. Set a Realistic Budget (and stick to it)

Don’t fall for the “bigger is better” syndrome. Enjoy the planning process, and you’re cruising to a fantastic wedding day.

5. Share your Details with NBWE and Let us Help

Would you like us to save you some time and send you a list of recommended suppliers to suit your budget, number of guests and wedding style? Many couples are utilising our free wedding consulting service to connect you with reputable and suitable wedding vendors. Share your details here and we’ll do the searching for you (no strings attached, we just love to help plan weddings!). 

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