Do you know the sunset times for your special day?

Couples often look surprised when asked do they know what time the sun will set on their wedding day. Why should they care in particular?

For those couples who choose a reception venue on the basis of its surrounding views, should it matter whether they and their guests arrive after dark and miss the views completely? Should it matter that there is not enough daylight for good photography? Of course it does.

When you get to the planning of the actual wedding day itself, you need to know the time that the sun goes down because that’s when the light goes out. If it’s an early morning wedding, knowing what time the sun rises is also helpful. Below are the times stated as average sunrise and sunset times for each month of the year.

In NSW, the Daylight Saving Period generally starts in late October and ends early the following April. If you are getting married in these months, take care to check the web for the times on your actual date.


Month Sunrise Times Sunset Times
January 6:05am 8:09pm
February 6:30am 8:00pm
March 6:52am 7:32pm
April 7:18am 5:51pm
May 7:42am 5:15pm
June 7:56am 4:54pm
July 7:30am 4:57pm
August 7:30am 5:15pm
September 6:54am 5:37pm
October 6:15am 6:57pm
November 5:40am 7:22pm
December 5:42am 7:51pm