Avoid the pitfalls when hiring a wedding DJ

Sorting through the myriad of suppliers for a wedding can be quite daunting, including finding the right DJ. Here are some simple tips for selecting the right DJ for you, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

The music industry

The music industry is not one that is very well regulated. This is particularly so for Disc Jockeys, which means that anyone can buy a stack of DJ equipment and call themselves a DJ, without any real experience. So make sure your DJ has plenty of experience and especially with weddings – A great nightclub DJ may not have the right skills to DJ at a wedding.

Make sure you check out the client testimonials of any prospective DJ, or DJ company. Any reputable DJ company will have a good selection of testimonials from previous clients and should be always up to date with dates listed and over a long period of time. If this is not the case you need to ask yourself why.

It has often been said that ‘you get what you pay for’ and this certainly applies to Disk Jockeys. There are plenty of DJs that will do the job cheaply, but they may not be very good. It might seem like you are getting a bargain, but it will cost you a lot more if he lets you down on the day. Picture your wedding with NO entertainment. The bottom line is, the cheaper the company, the less the DJ is paid and the cheaper the equipment quality will be.

At Impression DJs, all of our DJ’s have at least 5 years’ experience, and some have over 15 years on the decks. We also have DJ’s that work as professional Emcee’s as well.

When to book

The wedding industry is a very seasonal one. The busiest period for weddings in Sydney is obviously in the summer months when it is warmer. So if you are planning a summer wedding, we recommend you try and book a DJ as early as possible. The later you leave it, the less chance of getting a good DJ. For example, some dates in October, November & December will be booked out many months in advance, and you may find it hard to get a DJ at all. Saturdays are particularly popular for weddings, and will book out first, followed by Fridays, Sunday’s and then during the week.

Even in the quiet periods it is wise to book your DJ in early, at least a couple of months before the big day. It will also give the DJ plenty of time to source all of the music you want.

If you are still deciding when to hold your wedding, you may want to consider doing it on a Friday or Sunday. As these days are not as busy as Saturdays, you may find some suppliers, including DJ companies, will offer discounted rates.

The same applies for weeknights, and the discounts will be even better.

If you have a really tight budget, winter weddings will get you the biggest discounts, and you will find more venues, DJs, and other suppliers, will have much more availability during this period.

Dress code

Make sure you let the DJ knows what the dress code is for your wedding. Any decent DJ will dress in accordance with your wishes, and should be neat and clean shaven. A DJ should never turn up to a formal wedding wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and he would look silly in a suit and tie if you’re having a Hawaiian themed beach wedding. Formal or Lounge Suit are the two most popular for weddings, Formal is a suit and tie, Lounge Suit replaces Semi Formal and is a Suit with optional tie.

This article was provided by Impression DJs, a Northern Beaches Weddings and Event Member.